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Daily Mediations Beginning to Pray The Winter Pascha
by Presbytera Emily Harakas & Fr. Anthony Coniaris By Metropolitan Anthony Bloom By Fr. Thomas Hopko
Daily Meditations Beginning to Pray Winter Pasha
$10.75 $9.75 $17.00

Every single day of the Nativity Fast through the Nativity and including Theophany has Scripture readings, an excerpt from the hymns of that particular day and a medit­ation. This volume is perfect for families and individuals who wish to use the fast to prepare more thor­oughly for the great feasts we are soon to celebrate.

This book is not just for beginners, but for those who are well practiced in the Orthodox praxis of prayer.  In many ways this is a "how-to" manual. Metropolitan ANTHONY de­scribes why prayer is necessary and how to really pray and go beyond merely saying words, but to internalize words so that they be­come one with us.

Fr. Thomas Hopko provides a series of very short readings on the theol­ogy of our Orthodox faith regarding the events and practices before, during and after the Feast of the Nativity. Extremely readable with excerpts from Scriptures, the Holy Fathers and the hymnody of the Church, Fr. Thomas excels at making the complex simple and understandable. 
Nativity of Christ (L) Christ the Saviour of Theophanes (M) Theophany of Christ (l)
The Nativity Icon Theophanes Christ Icon The Theophany Icon
$21.50 $16.50 $21.50

Reprodcution of an Egyptian Icon from the 7th century detailing Christ's birth in the cave, the un­certainty of Joseph, the visitation of the Magi, the adoration of the she­pherds and angels and the washing of Christ after his birth.

A reproduction from the Stavron­ikita Monastery on Mt. Athos in Greece. Year:  17th Century.

Reproduction of a Greek icon from the 17th century detailing Christ's baptism in the Jordan by St. John the Forerunner.
Byzantine Hymns of the Nativity When Augustus Reigned The Divine Liturgy
School of Ecclesiastic Music Capella Romana Capella Romana
Lamentations Sacred Treasures Choral Music Sacred Treasures Choral Music
$13.00 $13.00 $16.00

The Orthros (Matins) of the Feast of the Nativity is chanted by the School of Eccleiastic Music, utilizing men's choir, children's choir and women's choir, with soloists and choruses chanting antiphonally.  The chanting is a very good auth­entic expression of Arabic Byzantine Chant, with the melismatic orna­mentations which are typical of the Arabic style when contrasted with the Greek. 

In the 1900s, particularly here in the United States, the Greek church drifted more and more away from traditional Byzantine chant and started to incorporate more western polyphonic forms of musical ex­pression which also employed instr­uments. Prominent U.S. com­posers of this style of Greek Orthodox polyphony  such as Tikey Zes and Frank Desby  are featured on this recording. 

This double CD set is the entire Divine Liturgy in English.  This particular recording is of a complete divine liturgy complete with priest and deacon parts with responses from the choir.  As with anything Capella Romana does, this is a very high quality recording.  Generous liner notes provide the listener with explanations as to both music and structure of the Liturgy with sug­gestions for further reading. 
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